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We’re living in a time of enchantments. Martin Shaw invites you to gather in the old way for stories and get a little nibble of what it means to become a storyteller.


“Folks I am halfway thru Martin Shaw’s online course and it is is lush, full of life, heart and courage. It’s a bargain and recommend it.”
Victoria Whelan
“I can say I am deeply moved by the course and look forward to watching it over and over in the months and years to come.”
Daniel Robert
“This course is hitting me square in the heart. What a gift.”
Stephan Pradarelli
“Packed into Martin Shaw’s Lessons is just what you would for: meaning, purpose, belonging, wildness, discipline,. irreverence, and courtship. Start here.”
Sarah Coleman
“When this course came up I instantly knew I wanted to take it. It feels like medicine and teaching that reaches the deepest places in me.”
Elloa Phoenix Barbour


Mystery School Wisdom