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This course is yours to replay, watch, fall in love, escape, go deep, rewind and be taken up again. Forever you can lean on the poetry and myth in this course and remind yourself of the greater story you are in.  As a way of saying thank you, on this initial launch, we have discounted the course price. Now is the time to deepen with Myth.

The storyteller speaks into the occasions of life with depth, courage and vulnerability.  It is the Storyteller that points us to new horizons or gives us courage to stay a given course.

Everyone is a storycarrier, many without any roadmap, many drowning in the noise of this time and their own mind. But, the inheritance is here, passed from a long, long time ago into this generation, just in the right time to lift our sails.

Using myth and ecology Martin Shaw awakens audiences to an ecstatic way of seeing one’s’ own life. Becoming a Storyteller in this mystery, is the same calling as it’s always been. It is to know what you stand for and offer wisdom in a story that will guide us all home.

  • Convene with your soul.
  • Understand the profound role that Story has in your life.
  • Illuminate the initiation you are going through right now.
  • Discover a handful of stories to carry in your pocket while you learn to communicate well.

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The 8-hour Storyteller course includes video lessons with recorded stories as told by Martin Shaw before a live audience along with insight into the stories. The course is intended to be completed in 5 weeks. Watch the introduction to the course here.

  • 16 lessons from Martin Shaw
  • 6 stories told by Martin Shaw
  • Insight into the stories from Martin Shaw
  • Study questions
  • Practices
  • Transcripts

Learning Objectives

Throughout the Storyteller course you will:

  • explore what it means for you to become a storyteller or a story carrier.
  • learn how to hear a story and think deeply through myth.
  • wrestle with the questions that arise from the old stories.
  • discover ways to embody a story.
  • consider cultural implications of storytelling.
  • practice telling stories.

Learning Activities

Each week (or at your own pace) you will:

  • watch two video lessons on what it means to tell a story.
  • listen to a myth told by Martin Shaw and hear insights into the telling.
  • reflect on study questions.
  • put the teaching into practice.
  • connect with other learners in the private Facebook community group for MysterySchool storytellers.

Course Overview

  1. The Imagination of Beginnings
  2. Initiation and Cultural Memory
  3. The Fox Woman Story
  4. Wildness & Discipline
  5. The Artfulness of Image
  6. Tatterhood Story
  7. The Heartbeat of Everything
  8. Truth & Bewonderment
  9. The Lindworm Story
  10. The Authenticity of Incompleteness
  11. The Handless Maiden Story
  12. Trailing not Trapping
  13. Power, Exile, Monsters
  14. The Woman Who Became a Fox Story
  15. The Marriage of Gawain to Lady Ragnell Story
  16. Conclusion



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