Uncolonize you
r Imagination.

Course Overview


Martin Shaw opens with the value of imagination as a way of relating to the wider earth.

15 Minutes


Martin reveals the nature of life’s initiations and the memories culture chooses to preserve.

14 Minutes


Martin tells the story of  “The Fox Woman” to a live audience and shares insights about the story in an interview.

19 Minutes


Martin invites us into the storyteller’s dance between wildness and discipline.

15 Minutes


Martin engages with both the weight and playfulness of an image over a concept.

16 Minutes


Martin tells “Tatterhood” in front of a live audience and shares insight to the story in an interview.

57 Minutes


Martin explores the role of both rhythm and courage when crafting a story.

12 Minutes


Martin refines the process of articulating myth to two essential qualities: truth and wonder.

10 Minutes


Martin tells “The Lindworm” in front of a live audience and shares insights to the story in an interview.

70 Minutes


Martin encourages us to begin where we stand, that our lives as they are now are our only prayer mat.

8 Minutes


Martin tells “The Handless Maiden” in front of a live audience and shares insight to the story in an interview.

70 Minutes


Martin opens us to the way of trailing not trapping a story, that it remains alive and lively.

9 Minutes


Martin shines light on the business of exile, what we send into the forest will eventually turn hostile—how do we court such energies back?

Power, Exile, Monsters

8 Minutes


Martin tells the story of “The Woman Who Became a Fox.”

32 Minutes


In this workshop, Martin tells the medieval story of “The Marriage of Gawain to Lady Ragnell.”

46 Minutes


Martin Shaw makes a call to walk in the place where there are no roads.

2 Minutes

Martin Shaw Storyteller course

Storytelling with Martin Shaw

A great storyteller wakes you up. Using the divine braille of myth, Martin Shaw cracks open the treasury of a soul trying to get in touch.

Through oral fairytales, personal reflections and questions from the participants, Shaw’s teaching is an ecstatic blend of myth and ecology that offers us an almost-forgotten way to make sense of the world within. This story wisdom has been with humanity for thousands of years, and is used to help guide life in its ever changing forms.

With insights gathered over twenty years as a teacher, Storyteller is a generous and informed invitation to get to work. An essential pre-recorded video course for anyone who wishes to both deepen their understanding of myth and communicate stories well.

Story Behind The Course.

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