The Lindworm


How do you call back a wild twin no one ever told you you had? What do you do when they start to devour the home?

When you call back the wild twin that you never knew you had, there is no way to truly be ready. This story delves into the chaos, patience and courage it takes to remove the scales of the Lindworm and welcome home the exiled twin. Watch and listen and watch Martin Shaw’s telling of “The Lindworm” before a live audience.

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This story is included in the purchase of the Storyteller Course.

The telling of “The Lindworm” by Martin Shaw is approximately 1 hour in duration. All videos are embedded and available through streaming on the MysterySchool website. Due to the nature of the content, the stories are not available for download. This story was filmed on a piece of land in North Carolina in 2019.


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