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The Fox Woman

Length: 14 minutes

The Fox Woman

Martin Shaw tells the story of The Fox Woman.

Wildness & Discipline

Length: 14 minutes

Wildness and Discipline

Part Three takes us into the storytellers dance between wildness and discipline.

The Artfulness of Image

Length: 16 minutes

Artfulness of Image

Part Four engages with both the weight and playfulness of an image over a concept.


Length: 53 minutes

Tatterhood myth Converse with your Soul

Martin Shaw tells the story of Tatterhood.

Truth & Bewonderment

Length: 10 minutes

Truth and Bewonderment, Martin Shaw Invitation

Part Six strips back the process of articulating myth to two essential qualities: truth and wonder.

The Lindworm

Length: 64 minutes

The Fox Woman

Martin Shaw tells the story of The Lindworm.

Handless Maiden

Length: 64 minutes

Handless Maiden

Martin Shaw tells the story of the Handless Maiden, before a live audience.

Trailing not Trapping

Length: 9 minutes

Trailing not Trapping, Martin Shaw

Part Eight opens us to the way of trailing not trapping a story, that it remains alive and lively.

Power Exile Monsters

Length: 8 minutes

Power, Exile, Monsters

Part Nine concerns the business of exile, what we send into the forest will eventually turn hostile—how do we court such energies back?

The Marriage of Gawain to Lady Ragnell

Length: 46 minutes

Marriage of Gawain to Lady Ragnell, Martin Shaw

In Part Ten, Martin tells the old Celtic story of the Marriage of Lady Ragnell and Gaiwan and tasks the audience with retelling the story while reflecting on its wider implications.


Length: 2 minutes

Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw calls you to walk in the place where there are no roads.